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4 new MS Teams functions


Learn about the 4 new MS Teams features in the blog post. – These are presented individually and are the continuation of the previous updates.



4 new MS Teams functions

1. Integration of LinkedIn in teams

As of now, you have the option to display LinkedIn profiles in one-on-one chats. Therefore, you can promptly see the experience, education, skills and much more of this person. You can thus expand your LinkedIn network and maintain connection or networking outside of teams.


Learn how to use LinkedIn in teams as follows:

1) Click the desired teams (1:1) chat.

2) The new tab ”LinkedIn” appears automatically in the tab. Select this one.


LinkedIn profile

Tab ‘’LinkedIn’’


3) You now have automated insight into the individual’s professional experience, skills, endorsements, and more. However, this is only if the person has a LinkedIn account.


LinkedIn Account Teams

View LinkedIn account


Note: Your organization must have LinkedIn integration with Teams in order to access it. If your organization enables LinkedIn integration, you can also access LinkedIn in Outlook.


2. Manage participant videos in teams meetings

Recently, presenters and organizers in teams meetings have the option to disable the camera of certain or all participants. Accordingly, it is ensured that no video is shared in the meeting.

Learn how to manage participants’ audio and video permissions in teams meetings.


3. Release system audio when using teams

Now, when you join a meeting through Teams, you can share your system audio during screen sharing. You will also learn how to share sound from your computer in a team meeting.


How to share sound from your computer in a team meeting or live event:


1) In the meeting, click ” Share content” in the meeting controls. Next, include the computer sound in the sharing options using the button above on the left.


4 MS Teams functions

Share content


Note: All audio is included in the meeting when shared from your computer (including notifications). Your computer and teams must be set to the same speaker. You can customize the computer audio output in System Preferences and Teams audio output in Teams Device Settings.


4. Receive notification when music is played (for educational institutions only).

During a Teams meeting, Teams automatically suppresses sounds that are not speech. Teachers receive a notification when teams notice that music is playing. Apart from that, you can thus define whether the music will be let through or the sound will be turned off and the participants will not hear the sound.

Learn more about managing participants’ audio and video permissions in a Teams meeting.


These were another 4 new Microsoft Teams features. Learn more about Microsoft Teams & our offerings


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