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4 new MS Teams functions


Learn about 4 new MS Teams features in the blog post. – These are presented individually and are the continuation of the previous updates.

4 new MS Teams functions

1. Updated meeting experience on Teams Web.

Already set up microphone and camera settings before joining a meeting? – The updated meeting experience is now available for MS Teams in Chrome and Edge browsers. Complementing this, the dynamic view of participants and content, as well as the meeting controls, have been moved to the top of the meeting window.


2. Chat with yourself

Recently, Microsoft Teams has given you the option to have a one-on-one chat with yourself. This sends messages, files, notes as well as media to themselves to keep track of each other.


4 ms Teams Funktionen

”one-on-one” chat


A big advantage is that you have quick access to all the things you have sent to yourself. Regardless of whether Teams is used on the desktop, web or smartphone. Your personal one-on-one chat is pinned above the chat list.


4 MS Teams functions

Pinned ”one-on-one” chat


3. Sharing annotations in a Teams meeting.

Using annotations provided by the Microsoft Whiteboard, you can collaborate on things such as a draft or presentation while sharing your screen.

In the meeting controls, select the Start Microsoft Teams Annotation icon in the middle top area of the screen.

Accordingly, the red outline around the shared screen turns blue and at the same time all participants see the whiteboard toolset on the shared screen. Consequently, participants can start annotating immediately. The red pen as a tool is selected by default. For more information, see how to use annotations when sharing the screen in a team.


4 ms Teams Funktionen

Microsoft Whiteboard

4. Livetranscription and CART labeling

Now you have the option to display captions from a CART (real-time captioning) provider within the Microsoft Teams meeting in Chrome and Edge browsers. In addition, meeting organizers as well as participants can ask the caption provider to stream the captions in Microsoft Teams.

The same is true for live transcriptions. For more information on these two features, see: ”Viewing Live Transcription in a Teams Meeting” and ”Using CART Captions in a Microsoft Teams Meeting”.


Note: Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) is a service where a transcript is created.


4 MS Teams functions

Enable live transcription (CART labels)

4 MS Teams functions

Start transcription

These were another 4 new Microsoft Teams features. Learn more about Microsoft Teams & our offerings


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