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5 new Microsoft Teams features

Learn about 5 new Microsoft Teams features in the blog post. – These are presented individually and are the continuation of the previous updates.



5 Teams functions


5 new Microsoft Teams features

1. customize background effects in teams web

Customize the background during a Teams meeting on the web. As a result, this new feature gives you the same background effects in Teams Web as in the desktop app. This gives you the option to blur the background or upload a new image.


Learn how to soften or modify the Teams background during a meeting (in Windows, Mac, and iOS):

1) Open Microsoft Teams, log into a meeting or start a meeting.

2) Then select the ”Background Filter” button in the preview image.


5 Teams functions

”Background filter”


In the ”Background Settings” the following four functions are selectable:

Add a new background

Add “None” background effects to remove the existing effect.

Select an available background

Soften the background


5 Teams functions

Background settings


Finally, select ”Join now” to join the meeting with the selected settings


5 Teams functions

”Join Now”


2. change how many messages are displayed to you at the same time

Recently, you have the choice of how much the spacing of their chat messages in teams should be. Due to the size of your monitor or display settings, you may want to change the distance it displays in chat messages. You can optimize the display specifically. Either with more text at once in the display or with less text at a comfortable level. Customize the settings to fit your needs!


Learn how to change the spacing of chat messages:

First, select “More actions” ) -> ”Settings’’in the upper right corner of the screen settings.


5 Teams features

”Comfortable” and on the other hand ”Compact”

Furthermore, under ”General” there are two choices for the chat density. On the one hand the function ”Comfortable” is available and on the other hand ”Compact”.

5 Teams functions


5 Teams features


3. pin a message in the chat

Recently, you can pin certain messages to the beginning of a chat. These are then permanently visible to the members of the chat. It does not depend on the amount of messages that come afterwards.

For each message there is an option to pin it. You can unpin it at any time. Currently there is an option to pin a single message at a time. Hide, show, mute, or pin a chat in teams.


4. disable „mirror my video”

By default, the image of the custom video preview is played automatically in the small preview window. From now on there is the possibility to display the image not mirrored.

Accordingly, this brings a huge simplification for the moderator of a meeting, especially when sharing a whiteboard or text. The participants see the text correctly. The presenter sees the text mirrored. This may distract him and make the online meeting more difficult.


Note: Normally, the video is automatically mirrored , because most people are used to the mirrored function (as well as the smartphone with the front camera).

As follows you will learn how to disable the ”mirror my video” function:

Beforethe meeting: Select ”Custom Setup”.


5 Teams features

”Custom Setup”


To the right of the ”Join now” field you will find the ”Flip my video” button, which will be disabled with one click. In the following image, the function is deactivated.


5 Teams features

”mirror my video” disabled


During the meeting: Select ”More actions” () -> ‘’Device settings’’.


5 Teams features

‘’Device settings’’

After that you will find the ”Flip my video” button, which can be disabled with one click. In the following image the function is activated.


5 Teams features

”mirror my video” enabled


Note: If you disable the ”mirror my video” function, it will remain disabled. This is why it must be switched on again manually when required.


5. better experiences in teams

To optimize the performance of teams for users, continuous efforts are underway to improve the app. This includes, among other things, the duration of switching between a chat and a channel. This has become faster due to the update that has been carried out.


These were another 5 new Microsoft Teams features. Learn more about Microsoft Teams & our offerings


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