new features in Microsoft Teams

Lots of new features in Microsoft Teams

There's a lot new! Since last year, Microsoft has released numerous new features in Microsoft Teams. We have compiled the full update for you in the blog post below.

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Previous updates 2023: 

June, August,November, December

1. Optimize your channels

Highlight channel announcements (Microsoft Teams Premium only)

Thanks to this feature, your important announcements in the channel will be noticed immediately. Channel announcements with backgrounds are now available. Choose your own image or let AI generate a unique background to match your message. Instructions can be found here: Creating an announcement.


Collaborative editing of posts through loop components

From now on you have the option to integrate loop components into the channel contributions. These loop components make collaboration easier by including editable tables, bullets, checklists, paragraphs, and to-do lists. These loop components can be customized and edited by anyone with permission.

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2. Improved search

In order to offer users a better search experience, Microsoft has introduced two innovations. On the one hand, it is now possible to search directly in chats and channels with Ctrl + F. The results are displayed in a display window immediately to the right. This way you can quickly overview your search results without interrupting your workflow. On the other hand, domain-specific search filters are now available. Use this to narrow down your results by “Files,” “Group Chats,” or “Teams and Channels.” You can find these search filters in the search bar at the top of Microsoft Teams.


3. Simply catch up on what you missed

A new chat button appears in the activity feed for missed calls. This allows you to start a chat directly with the person in question. This allows you to quickly catch up on missed calls.


4. OneDrive app now in Teams

In Teams, OneDrive is the new app for files and is available to you with all OneDrive features. For faster access to your files, OneDrive organizes them into multiple categories. You can quickly open OneDrive from the main menu item on the left.


5. New features with Microsoft Copilot

Keep your Copilot conversation history

Your past conversations will now also be displayed after closing the Copilot flyout. This way you have access to your conversation history with the co-pilot at any time.

Smart summaries for Microsoft 365 users

Smart summaries are now also available for Microsoft 365 users with Copilot. These summaries summarize your meetings and allow you to search the meeting afterward for information relevant to you.

Would you like to find out more about the intelligent everyday assistant? Then take a look at our blog post about it: Microsoft Copilot in SMEs.


6. New webinar and town hall templates in Outlook

Thanks to the new Teams add-in for Outlook, you can now create webinars and town hall meetings directly in Outlook. You can select the new meeting templates in the calendar using the Teams meeting drop-down menu. These templates are also available in Microsoft Teams.


7. New keyboard shortcuts for Teams Phone

Updated the keyboard shortcuts for starting an audio or video call. The new shortcuts are designed to be easier to navigate, especially for those with mobility or visual impairments.

Remember the new shortcuts:

Start an audio call:

  • ALT+SHIFT+A (Windows)
  • Option+Shift+A (macOS)

Start a video call:

  • ALT+SHIFT+V (Windows)
  • Option+Shift+V (macOS)


8. Forward chat messages for easier sharing

Quickly forward messages to other people or groups as a team message or email. To do this, right-click on the desired message and select “Forward”. You can add additional information to the message if necessary.


9. New features in Microsoft Teams meetings

New 3D experiences with Mesh

If you want your Teams meetings to feel more like face-to-face interactions, use the new Microsoft Mesh feature. Microsoft Mesh offers an immersive 3D experience through animated spaces. To start a Teams meeting with Mesh, select View > Plastic Space (3D) .

An image of people socializing in plastic space.

Real background enhanced with AI (Microsoft Teams Premium only)

For Teams Premium it is now possible to set your own room as a background and supplement and improve it using AI. Clean up clutter or add plants. To do this, choose

Effects and Avatars > Video Effects > Decorate out of. Here you can generate backgrounds and use them for your meeting.


See more faces

Teams meetings in Chrome and Edge can now automatically display up to 9 videos on the screen by default. This way, see more faces at the same time.


Simplified audio and video controls

Audio and video settings in Teams meetings are now easier to access. Right next to the microphone and camera is a drop-down arrow that allows you to adjust output and input devices, volume, and other options.

new features in Microsoft Teams, what's new in teams, audio and video controls

Person-specific links for shared notes

The collaborative notes from Teams meetings can now be shared individually. This way, only selected people have access. This provides more security than the regular company-specific link.


10. Schedule on-demand virtual meetings

Set up on-demand appointments so your customers can book appointments without a pre-scheduled time, such as walk-ins. You can now assign these on-demand appointments to employees and set a specified duration.

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