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4 new MS Teams functions

There will be new features again in March 2023. Get to know them in the following blog post, they are introduced individually and are the continuation of the previous updates.

4 new MS Teams functions

1. Improvement during screen sharing

During a meeting you share your screen and want to turn on / off the camera, mute, stop screen sharing or leave the meeting? From now on you have the possibility to perform the desired action directly in the screen sharing window. The following fields are now available as access:


4 MS Teams Funktionen, Verbesserung während der Bildschirmfreigabe


2.Booking platform for virtual appointments

Your customer does not have a team account and you would still like to arrange and conduct virtual appointments with the respective person? Microsoft Teams provides a central hub for your virtual scheduling needs. The management of complex planning requirements of any organization is enormously facilitated.

How to find the booking platform:

1) In Teams, select ”more added apps” on the left sidebar.


Booking platform for virtual appointments


2) Immediately a new window appears, type ”virtual” in the search box.


Booking platform for virtual appointments

Search field


3) Then click on ”virtual appointments”.


Booking platform for virtual appointments

«virtual appointments»


4) Now you are in the app ”virtual appointments” and you can use your dashboard individually.


Booking platform for virtual appointments

Dashboard virtual appointments


Note: You have a complete meeting platform to plan, manage, and execute business-to-customer engagements. – Such as:

  • Financial advisors and other financial professionals can meet with clients remotely.
  • Sales representatives, product experts and design consultants can perform virtual customizations and consultations.
  • Clinics can meet with patients or other health care providers to discuss medical care.
  • HR departments can conduct virtual interviews with applicants.

For more information on managing virtual appointments, see: Virtual Appointments App.


3. Video filters in Microsoft Teams Meeting

From a variety of color filters and video frames, you now have the option in your meeting to personalize the video feed. As follows you will learn how to apply/modify the application before and during a meeting or delete/uninstall a video filter.


3.1 Apply before the meeting

How to apply a video filter before the meeting:

1) In the Microsoft Teams app, select ”Calendar”.


Video filters in Microsoft Teams Meeting



2) Open the desired meeting.

3) Then select Turn Camera On and click the video effect you want.


Video filters in Microsoft Teams Meeting


4) Finally, select ”Participate”.


Video filters in Microsoft Teams Meeting



3.2 Apply/change during the meeting

Regardless of whether you have activated or deactivated your camera , video filters can be applied or changed at any time.

1) On the meeting screen, click ”more actions” and then click ”video effects”.

2) Finally, select ”Preview” and ”Apply”.


3.3 Deleting from a video filter

1) On the top sidebar of the meeting screen, select 3.3 Deleting a video filter and then ”apply”.

Note: No biometric data is collected or processed. Here you can find Microsoft’s privacy policy.


4. Stream teams meetings & webinars on Meta Workplace Live.

Now you can stream a Teams meeting or webinar directly to Meta Workplace Live, thanks to the new Workplace Live APP integration.

The new function enables participants to watch webinars and live meetings in the respective Workplace groups or to view the recording in the Workplace at a later date.

How to proceed for this:

1) In Teams, select ”more added apps” on the left sidebar.


Meta Workplace Live Livestream

“more added apps”


2) Immediately a new window appears, type ”Workplace Live” in the search box.


Meta Workplace Live Livestream

Search field


3) After that, click Workplace Live ”add”.


Meta Workplace Live Livestream

«Workplace Live»


4) Now you can use the ”Workplace Live” app individually.


Meta Workplace Live Livestream


These were another 4 new features of Microsoft Teams. Erfahren Sie mehr über Microsoft Teams und unsere Angebote.

We are always happy to help you with questions and enhancements:


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