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6 new MS Teams functions

There are new features again in February 2023. Get to know them in the following blog post, they are introduced individually and are the continuation of the previous updates.

6 new MS Teams functions

1. Simplified add people to group chats

You want to add a person to an existing group chat, giving that person an insight into the chat history of the last two days, for example?

With the new Teams function this is possible! You have the following options:

  • Visibly include the entire chat history.
  • Include the group chat history for a certain number of the last days (days are selected).
  • Do not include the history, so the person will see only the new messages.

How do you go about it?

1) Open the desired group chat in Teams.

2) In the input field, type ”@”.


6 new MS Teams features, @



3) Click ”Add a person to the chat”.


''Add a person in the chat''

┬źAdding a person in the chat┬╗


4) Enter the name or e-mail of the person you want to insert in the field provided.


6 new MS Teams functions

┬źEnter name, email or tag┬╗


5) Select one of the three options mentioned above.


6 new MS Teams functions

Individual options


6) Finally, select ”Add”.


6 new MS Teams functions



2. ”Browse” the video gallery

Are you in a team meeting in Gallery view where there are more video feeds than can be displayed at the same time? Now you have the possibility to use the navigation control at the bottom to display other participants.


┬źBrowse video gallery┬╗

3. Extension of emoji reactions

For some time now, teams have given users the option to react to posts with an emoji and signal approval, for example. Until now, a limited selection of emojis was available. Recently, you can choose from the entire emoji selection.

Gehen Sie dazu wie folgt vor:

1) Hover the mouse cursor over the desired message.

2) Select the ”More reactions” button.


6 new MS Teams features,''More Reactions''

┬źMore reactions┬╗


3) Click the emoji you want.


Emoji selection

Emoji selection

4. button ”Raise hand

In the meeting toolbar, during an online meeting, you will find the new ”Raise your hand” button at the top of the taskbar. Until now, the function was somewhat hidden.


6 new MS Teams functions

┬źRaise hand┬╗

Note: For those who do not know the function: By ”raising your hand” (by clicking on this button), participants can signal that they want to speak without interrupting the meeting.


5. Button ”More

From now on, searched commands are easier to find under the ”More” button. The submenu groups have been redesigned.

Simplified submenu grouping

Simplified submenu grouping

6. button ”View

Switch between different views, including gallery and summary mode? With the new button ”View” this is easily possible.


different views, gallery and together mode

Different views

These were another 6 new Microsoft Teams features. Erfahren Sie mehr ├╝ber Microsoft Teams und unsere Angebote.

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