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6 new MS Teams functions

Learn about the 6 new Teams features in the blog post. – These are presented individually and are the continuation of the previous updates.

6 new MS Teams functions

1. Schedule message dispatch

Now there is the possibility to send messages time-controlled. This allows chat messages to be scheduled so that they are only sent to teammates during working hours. This new function is comparable to the scheduled mail dispatch in Outlook.

How it works:

1) Open the desired individual or group chat.

2) After that write your chat message into the text field


6 new teams functions


3) Click the ”send” field with a right mouse click.


6 new teams functions



4) Now select the desired sending time (date and time).

Delivery must be made within the next 7 days.


6 new teams functions


5) Finally, click on the ”Send at scheduled time” field.


6 new teams functions

”Send at scheduled time”


How to modify or delete a scheduled message:

1) Click on the purple/blue highlighted message in the respective chat.


6 new teams functions


2) You can edit the sending time (date & time) in the new field, send at the scheduled time, discard the schedule or close the option.


6 new teams functions


Note: You can use this function on the desktop as well as on the cell phone. In addition, all scheduled messages can be edited as well as deleted before they are delivered.


2. open incoming phone calls in additional window

Open an incoming call directly in a second window? This function can be activated by your admin in the company from now on!

Note: The relevant data about the caller will appear automatically in the new window.


3. up to 49participant videos viewable in meetings

By default, up to 49 videos of the participants are now visible in Microsoft Teams meetings. Accordingly, you no longer need to switch to the large gallery view to view them.

For more information about the camera feed in meetings, see: Customizing your meeting view.


4. filter unread notifications

From now on, you can filter out the unread messages in teams to get a better overview.

Here’s how to do it:

1) On the left column select ”Activity”.


6 new teams functions



2) Then tick the box ”Only unread”. Immediately all unread notifications are displayed (sorted and filtered by date).


Feed Teams

”Only unread”

5. Simplified collaboration in different group rooms

From now on, meeting organizers can create and manage group rooms before or even during meetings. There is a possibility of dividing participants into adjoining rooms. As a result, you as the organizer can move people between rooms.

Learn more about creating and managing group rooms in teams now.


6. View the entire chat history in the search function.

Looking for a chat message in Microsoft Teams? Recently, you will be redirected to a view with the entire chat history and not just to the message in question. As a result, you get the full context of the conversation, which is often of great importance.


How to search for a chat message:

1) In the ”Search” field at the top of Teams, enter the desired search term.





2) After that, click the desired message and you will be automatically redirected to the chat history.


Chat function

These were another 6 new Microsoft Teams features. Learn more about Microsoft Teams & our offerings.

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