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5 new MS Teams features


Learn about 5 new MS Teams features in the blog post. – These are presented individually and are the continuation of the previous updates.

5 new MS Teams features

1. teams calendar: “View as” new as in Microsoft Outlook

Recently, when you schedule meetings, business and personal appointments or vacations, you have the possibility to define yourself how this appointment will be displayed in the calendar. Apart from that, exactly as in Outlook, you have the following choices:“Free”, “With reservation”, “Busy”, “Working elsewhere” or“Out of office”.


As follows you will learn where to change these settings:

1) In Teams, click”Calendar”on the left vertical sidebar.





2) Then select the desired appointment by right-clicking on it.

3) Consequently, click ”View as”.


5 MS Teams functions

”Show as”

4) Finally, select the desired choice.


5 MS Teams functions

Selection options


Note: In this mask you also have the option to set the appointment to ”Private”.


5 MS Teams functions


2. Government accounts recently show bots

Effective immediately, customers with an authority account in Microsoft Teams can use bots created specifically for them.


Consequently, you will learn how to add a bot:

1) At the top left of the screen, select the cross icon.

2) After that, search for bots by name or switch to a chat or channel. There, click the cross icon at the top of the screen to add a bot.


3. Together mode

Meeting organizers and presenters can now start Together mode for all meeting participants.


To change the display for all users, we proceed as follows:

1) First select Show, Together mode > Change scene.

2) Select the “Select Togethermode for all users on check box.

3) Finally, click Apply”.


together modus


Note: ”Together mode” can be used with a meeting participant count of five or more.


4. Schedule webinars available in Government Cloud accounts.

Use the same Microsoft Teams app you use for meetings to schedule and host webinars.

Webinar features include creating a registration page, email confirmation for registrants, host management for attendee video and audio, attendance reporting, and interactive features such as polls, chats, and reactions.

For more helpful information, see Schedule a Webinar.


5. @mention team owner at the same time

When creating a news post in a channel, you can now notify all team owners at once by adding “@teamowners” to your post, eliminating the need to mention each person individually. Teams automatically notifies anyone who is the owner of the team where the channel is located.


These were another 5 new Microsoft Teams features. Learn more about Microsoft Teams & our offerings


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