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3 new MS Teams functions

Learn about 3 new MS Teams features in the blog post. – These are presented individually and are the continuation of the previous updates.

3 new MS Teams functions

1. clean up call history list

Recently, you have the option to clean up the call history list in Teams.


1) Select ”Calls” on the left sidebar in Teams.


3 ms teams functions



2) The ”History” view will appear.

3) Move your mouse cursor over the call you want to remove.

4) Then select ”More actions”.



”Other actions”


5) Click ”Remove from view” and the entry disappears.


Teams view

”Remove from view”


If you delete a call from your call log, it will no longer be visible on any device, mobile or PC. Nevertheless, administrators still have the possibility to access the data of deleted call lists.

Note: Call history is only visible if you have an Enterprise VoIP or Business Voice license in your Microsoft 365 subscription.


2. Shared channels simplify collaboration

Shared channels in Microsoft Teams simplify collaboration inside as well as outside the organization. The channels provide the basis for efficient and effective collaboration.
Accordingly, in the shared channels you have the possibility, for example, to plan meetings, to share files and furthermore to collaborate in applications without changing the client.

For further guidance, see What is a shared channel in Teams?


3. Attend a meeting with an ID and a passcode.

From now on, you have the possibility to join a meeting in teams on the web or in the desktop app with a meeting ID and an identifier.


As follows you will learn how to proceed for this:

1) Open Teams and click ”Calendar” on the left column.


Calendar function teams



2) Select ”# Join with an ID” in the upper part of the Teams calendar.


3 ms teams functions

”# join with an ID”


Note: The required meeting ID and identifier can be found on the ”Meeting Details” tab or in the meeting invitation.

For additional information, see Join a meeting in teams.


These were another 3 new Microsoft Teams features. Erfahren Sie mehr über Microsoft Teams und unsere Angebote.

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