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What's new in Microsoft Teams?

Good teamwork is crucial for successful work. Microsoft Teams offers the ideal solution for this. With Teams, you can communicate with each other effortlessly - be it by phone, chat or conference - share files, organize projects and work on them in real time. Microsoft is constantly working on optimizing Teams and integrating new functions. For this reason, regular updates are provided. This month, there are again some useful new features. To make full use of Microsoft Teams, we will keep you regularly informed about these updates. Don't miss out on the latest features and possibilities! 

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1. Get connected – Share contact information via Microsoft Teams Chat

You can now easily share someone's contact information in Microsoft Teams chat, even if that contact is not part of the conversation. To do so, open the desired Teams chat and type @ in the message input. A pop-up will then appear asking you to «Share a person's contact information » Enter the name, select the contact and confirm with OK. After sending the message, chat members can view the contact information.


2. New wardrobe for your Microsoft Teams avatar

Give your avatar's wardrobe a makeover with a professional look. New clothing and appearance options are available. To learn how to create and customize an avatar, see the Instructions from Microsoft.

Microsoft Teams Avatars

You no longer know what an avatar is and what you can do with it? No problem! Here's a little recap:
An avatar is a virtual image of you that you can customize to either look like you or how you want to be. This avatar allows you to participate in meetings, making them more realistic and personal without having to enable video. Whether you disable video because of a poor internet connection or because you feel more comfortable, the avatar offers an effective alternative.


3. Copy links to files easily & quickly

Copying a file link is one of the most frequently used functions in Microsoft Teams document management. Therefore, Microsoft has reduced this process to a few steps. To copy a file path now, you only need a few clicks. In a chat or team, selectteams the tab files .

Microsoft Teams, Files

You can then select the desired file. The option Copy link Copy link. Once you select it, the file link will be copied to your clipboard.


4. Catch up on meetings with all the details – with Microsoft Teams Premium or Copilot for M365*

Meetings have been able to be recorded and transcribed for some time now, and the option to view these recordings and summaries is also available to users of Microsoft Teams Basic & Standard. New for users of Microsoft Teams Premium is the ability to view further details in the chat after the meeting. You can see which participants spoke, who was mentioned, which documents were shared, and which notes were saved. The tasks recognized by Copilot are also displayed. This way, you know all the important information as if you were there at the meeting.

Find out how the Copilot in Microsoft Teams can also help you and why switching to a Copilot license is worthwhile in our review.

What's new in Microsoft Teams, Meeting Summary


5. Meeting summaries available in additional languages

Smart meeting summarization now supports 15 additional languages: Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Korean, Norwegian (Bokmal), Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Swedish, Thai and Turkish. You can find out which languages ​​are currently available here.


6. Capture and save collaborative notes from meetings

While sharing your screen in a Microsoft Teams meeting, you can annotate the screen. Depending on the settings, either all participants or only the presenter can do this. If you want to enable annotations, proceed as follows:

  1. Move your cursor to the top of the screen you want to share
  2. In the speaker symbol list, select Comment on from
    What's new in Microsoft Teams, Comment
  3. All participants will see the Microsoft Whiteboard toolset at the top of the shared screen. Authorized participants can now add annotations
    What's new in Teams, Comment

This feature already existed. What is new, however, is that in the Whiteboard toolset above you can Snapshot Click on the camera and the shared screen including the notes will be added to the Whiteboard app. Here you can view and edit the notes at any time.


7. Shorten meeting recordings

Recordings can now be trimmed directly in Microsoft Stream. This allows you to cut out unnecessary minutes at the beginning or end, for example when you had to wait for participants. You can also remove pauses or confidential information during the meeting. Find out how to do this in the following Instructions.



* These features are only available for companies with Microsoft Teams Premium or Copilot for M365 licenses. If you are not sure whether you have a corresponding plan or are interested in purchasing the add-on, we will be happy to advise you.

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