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5 new MS Teams features

Learn about 5 new MS Teams functions in the blog post. – These are presented individually and are the continuation of the previous updates.



5 new MS teams features

1. Hilfreiche Filterfunktionen für Chats

Recently, you have the option in Microsoft Teams to filter out chats. This makes it easier to find the dialog you are looking for.


In the following, you will learn how to successfully use the filter function in teams:

1) First, in Microsoft Teams, select the ”Filter” field .


5 Microsoft Teams features

Field ”Filter”


2) Then the”Filter by name” field appears.
Accordingly, from here you have the option to enter the name of a person or the group chat you are looking for.


5 Microsoft Teams features

Field ”Filter by name


2. Microsoft Teams Connect (shared channel) in Preview

Collaboration with external people is clearly digitized and cloud-based in the work environment. In addition, there is frequent collaboration and communication with people outside the company itself, such as partners, suppliers and customers. Accordingly, the shared channel feature facilitates seamless collaboration across team and organizational boundaries to work efficiently and effectively. Thus, multiple organizations have the ability to collaborate through the individual shared channels in a collective space. Stakeholders have the option to have conversations, schedule meetings, share and collaborate on data without changing tenants.


5 Microsoft teams functions

Example view shared channel

Get an inside look at a shared channel.

Note: The Teams Connect feature also known as Shared Channel can currently be tested as a preview.


3. Changing the displayed language in a live PowerPoint presentation in a Teams meeting.

Now you can translate the displayed language in a PowerPoint live presentation (in teams meetings). All written text will be translated into the language of your choice (except images).

Note: For certain languages, the design deforms because the number of words varies depending on the language.


You can change the displayed language in a presentation as follows:

1) First, select ”more options” ”more options” in Microsoft Teams. 5 Microsoft teams features

2) Then click on the field ”translate slides”.

3) Finally, find your desired language and select it.



4. Finding the time zone of a person

You want to find out in which time zone your contact is located? Learn how to do this in the following video.

5. Streaming live music in teams with the music mode.

Microsoft Teams automatically optimizes audio settings in music mode. Consequently, when streaming live music over a Teams meeting, you achieve the ideal timbre.

More information on how to use it here:High fidelity music mode for playing music in teams


These were another 5 new ms Teams functions. Learn more about Microsoft Teams & our offerings

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