Smart Solutions

Due to the importance of the topic and the current demand, we have decided to found a sister company in the Smart Solutions area. green4 ag takes over the services offered in collaboration with redIT and forms another part of the beelk group.

Thanks to the synergy between IT and the experts in the field of building technology and automation, we can offer you an all-round worry-free package!

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Smart Home

Smart Home

Digitalization in your own four walls is not only worthwhile for new buildings. We also support you with renovation projects and the renewal of old house controls. All with the aim of simplifying everyday life and ensuring quality of life and safety at home.

Smart Building, BIM

Smart Building

Digitalization has already reached entire buildings. Smart Building focuses on the automated control of a building's technical equipment. The focus is on optimizing building efficiency, a positive energy balance and saving costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Smart Energy

Smart Energy

We have sustainable solutions in the area of ​​energy management. You too can use Smart Energy to make the solar power you produce yourself economically viable and convenient to use. Due to the current situation, self-consumption optimization and intelligent energy management are now indispensable.