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Individual process optimization with M365 & Power Platform

Our offer at a glance

Companies carry out numerous work processes every day to provide products and services, which has a significant impact on the company's success and competitiveness. With digitalization, many processes have been changed and fundamentally optimized, with numerous tools supporting processing and enabling faster and more efficient execution. However, in many companies, considerable potential for further optimization remains untapped. Successful process optimization helps you improve processes, reduce costs and increase the quality of results, thereby increasing productivity and your company's success. This can be achieved by using new tools or better handling of resources already in use. For example, new software solutions can improve workflows or targeted training of employees can lead to an increase in performance.

The work processes of each company differ depending on the requirements of the business areas, the needs of customers and their own strategic goals. It is therefore important to tailor process optimization to the needs of individual companies. With our productivity offer you get exactly that: an individual assessment and advice for possible process optimization in your company with subsequent competent implementation.

In our last blog post we presented the first two phases of our offer. It was about evaluating your knowledge, requirements and possibilities. The final phase, and thus this blog post, is about deriving recommendations for action based on the knowledge gained and optimizing your way of working, processes and procedures.

Short recap: Demo & Assessment Hour

Using the free Book demo and the non-binding assessment hour, we get to know your working methods, your existing know-how and your requirements. We can show you potential for improvement and possible solutions. Find out more darĂĽb is.

If you are convinced by our offer and our experience, we will go one step further together. After this initial, superficial assessment of your position, we start with your first business case.

Productivity M365 & Power Platform Review

From analysis to action: your path to better processes

The business case starts with a joint workshop for an in-depth analysis of your work environment. We focus on daily work processes, uncover inefficiencies and identify paper-heavy processes, communication breakdowns and common errors. This enables us to identify possible areas of solution that we can address with you.

From the findings we collect, we derive concrete recommendations for action that are individually tailored to the needs of your company. Using concrete examples, we show you how you can optimize your processes. Together, we prioritize these recommendations for action and decide which adjustments we will implement in a first step.

The implementation is therefore very customer-specific and tailored precisely to the needs identified in the workshop. Small changes often result in big improvements for employees (quick wins).


Process optimization in focus: success stories in practice

In the following sections, we present two concrete real-world examples that illustrate the successful implementation of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Planner. These cases show how tailored solutions can help optimize business processes. Please note that each implementation is individually tailored to the needs of the respective customer and can therefore vary slightly for each customer. Nevertheless, these successful cases offer valuable insights and can also be of great benefit to your company.

1. Example Case: Consulting for successful Teams implementation

Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive communication and data storage platform that can significantly improve collaboration, communication and sharing. Therefore, we recommend adopting Teams for centralized communication via chats, sharing via channels and storing your data.

The business case for introducing Microsoft Teams began with analyzing the current storage structure on the file server to identify the existing organization and possible improvements. Based on this analysis, a new, optimized structure in Microsoft Teams was proposed. Meaningful teams and channels were developed to ensure a consistent structure without redundancies.
In a workshop moderated by us, the proposal was examined and approved by those involved. This was followed by training for employees, in which the functionalities of Microsoft Teams were taught and the future way of working was explained. Finally, a Teams policy was created that defines naming conventions, permissions and other governance aspects to ensure efficient and secure collaboration.

The implementation of this business case improved communication throughout the company and led to more efficient collaboration by simplifying the exchange. The introduction of Microsoft Teams offers great benefits for companies of all industries and sizes. You are not yet using Microsoft Teams or do you feel that you are not using all of its capacity? Then get in touch with us.

Process optimization through Microsoft Teams
Process optimization of order processing with Microsoft Planner

2. Example case: Introduction of Microsoft Planner in the ordering process

Microsoft Planner is a tool for task management and project planning that enables teams to create, assign and track tasks. This improves collaboration and organization. The Planner also proves to be extremely helpful for processing orders. Here we explain how a corresponding business case was implemented.

First, we analyzed the current ordering process to identify existing processes and challenges. We then showed the customer the functionalities of Microsoft Planner and how they can be used for order processing. The Planner environment was specifically tailored to the needs of the company and set up accordingly. Finally, employees were trained to ensure that they understand the new tools and processes and can use them effectively. We supported employees during the start-up phase to ensure a smooth implementation and to clarify any questions or problems immediately.

This business case contributed to the digitalization of the company and optimized the ordering process by allowing everyone involved to track the progress of individual orders at any time. The planner is also ideal for handling other processes and projects or for planning your daily work. Would you like to find out more about the planner? We are happy to help.

Success through process optimization

By optimizing your processes, you can not only reduce your costs, but also increase your competitiveness and promote innovation. Our expertise lies in unlocking the full potential of your Microsoft 365 licenses and the Power Platform and helping you simplify, digitize and even automate your workflows.

Numerous advantages of process optimization are obvious:

  • Lower costs: By standardizing, digitizing and automating your processes, efficiency increases and costs decrease. Many customers already use Microsoft 365, but often not to its full extent. We help you exploit this untapped potential. This way, you increase your productivity without incurring additional costs for expensive programs.
  • Stay innovative: Microsoft products are state-of-the-art and are continually expanded and improved, so you can always get the most out of your options.
  • Increase in efficiency: Standardized, digital and automated processes are more efficient than manual, error-prone processes. By quickly finding and comprehensible information, you shorten the time lost searching.
  • Data entry: With the Power Platform, we bring together data from different systems and prevent the same data from having to be maintained in multiple places. This enables seamless data integration and improved data consistency.
  • Stay flexible: All solutions are located in your Microsoft environment, allowing you to retain full control over your systems and easily make changes at any time.


Let us work together to optimize your processes and thus sustainably increase your company's success.



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