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Maximum productivity with Microsoft 365

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In today's business world, Microsoft 365 applications have become an integral part of everyday life. From Word, Excel, Outlook to OneDrive and Teams - these tools are essential for daily workflows and help your employees work more efficiently, by improving communication, making information easier to access, encouraging collaboration and making repetitive tasks easier. However, most companies only exploit a fraction of the possibilities that theirs M365 licenses have to offer. A smooth interaction of these tools can significantly increase efficiency, performance and therefore productivity in the company. But how can you realize this potential? In our blog post we present the first steps of ours Productivity offering and show you how you can derive significant benefits from it.

Discover your efficiency with our free demo

To give you a first impression of how effectively you are already using the existing M365 applications in your company, we offer a free demo followed by an evaluation. In this demo you will answer questions about using the Microsoft 365 programs in your company. Based on your answers, you will receive an automated evaluation that assesses your current efficiency in using the M365 platform and highlights potential areas where productivity can be increased.


The demo itself lasts approximately two minutes, so we invite you to complete it to determine your level of maturity with M365 and the Power Platform.

Productivity with M365 & Power Platform

Recognize your potential for more productivity with our Assessment Hour

After you have completed the demo and received the automatic evaluation, our specialists are available to advise you individually. The M365 Productivity Assessment Hour is also free and focuses on introducing you to the diverse capabilities of the Microsoft 365 and Power Platform suites. During this hour, an initial inventory of your current work processes and challenges will be carried out. We will work with you to identify potential solution areas and areas of application for the more efficient use of Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform. Based on these findings and the demo evaluation, we develop tailor-made solutions for your company and plan the next steps together with you. In the first step, we will show you how you can use the program range effectively to fully exploit the functions of the tools. Next, we develop individual solution approaches that enable the Microsoft 365 and Power Platform suites to work seamlessly together, thereby helping to increase your productivity.


After completing the demo, schedule an assessment hour immediately to learn how you can increase your productivity:


Why should you choose more efficiency?

Our productivity offering offers your company tailored advice and solutions to increase your productivity. Experience has shown that companies can achieve significant increases in efficiency with comparatively little effort. Digitizing and automating your business processes enables faster completion of tasks, improved quality and accuracy of your processes, and better collaboration across the entire company. These aspects promote the efficient use of resources and this in turn can have a positive impact on employee satisfaction as they can focus on essential tasks while administrative tasks are automated. Through the seamless integration of various M365 and Power Platform tools implemented as part of our productivity offering, workflows are optimized and productivity is significantly increased.


Can you increase your productivity with us?

In any case! Our productivity offering is aimed at companies of all sizes and industries that use Microsoft 365 and/or Power Platform and want to optimize their work processes. Both small start-ups and large corporations still have untapped potential to increase the productivity of their employees using the M365 and Power Platform Suites. The diverse tools and their optimal integration offer every company opportunities to optimize its business processes. Regardless of the working model - be it in the office, in the home office or on the go - our productivity offering offers flexible solutions that enable companies to to focus primarily on their core business and remain competitive.


Would you like to find out more about what we offer? Keep checking out our blog, next month we'll look at possible business cases.


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