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New teams, new luck

Get to know the newly developed team from scratch, which is now available in the preview version. It’s the fastest version of Teams yet, and simpler and more flexible than ever before. You’ll have the ability to switch between apps faster, respond to chat messages, and join calls as well as meetings quicker. Meanwhile, you automatically consume less battery and memory. The layout is largely identical to the previous one.

Note: Not every venture already has it unlocked. To do this, contact your IT department.



This is how you start using the new team:

A button for the ”new teams” is displayed at the top sidebar. Activate it.


9 Teams functions, button new teams

Button «new teams»


In the pop-up field, click the option retrieve. This way the new team will be installed. (The app will be restarted to open the new team).


Preview from the new team


Note: Contact your IT department if the button is not displayed.


This is how you switch back to the classic team:

Some functions are not yet available. Therefore, it is obvious that some users switch back and forth between the classic and the new version. To switch, deactivate the previously activated button again.


Switch teams old and new version back and forth

«new Teams»


1. Improved performance with less effort

Improved performance with less effort By using less CPU (Central Processing Unit/brain of the computer) as well as teams being twice as fast, you can work more efficiently.


2. Enable Windows notifications

Enable Windows system notifications so that you can receive messages as well as calls in the new team.

How to enable Windows notifications:

1) In the Start menu, select ”Settings”.

2) Then switch to ”System’>‘’Notifications’’.

3) Activate the switch button.

4) Under Microsoft Teams (Work Preview), decide where you want your notifications to appear.


3. Start a post at the top of the channel

From now on you will have the possibility to start a post or make an announcement at the beginning of each channel.

To do this, proceed as follows:

1) Enter a subject and start the post.


Start post in new teams

«start a contribution»


Once the post is completed, select ”post”.


Post in new teams



4. Reply to a post

Proceed as follows:

1) Switch to a channel post.

2) Scroll down to the last reply of the respective post.

3) Select ”reply”.


9 teams functions, post answer



5. Viewing posts (from top to bottom)

The newest post will be displayed at the top of the channel (not at the bottom as before). Thus, scroll down to view the rest of the messages.


9 Teams functions


6. Quickly view the latest replies to a post

If you go to any post, you will see the three most recent reply to that post. This gives you a simplified insight into the latest activities.


Quickly view the latest responses


7. View full conversation

Engage in conversation while being able to focus without distraction?

How to display a complete conversation:

1) Under the channel post, select the respective link.


New teams complete entertainment


2) Immediately you will be in the full conversation. In the sorting, the latest messages are at the bottom.



3) Once you no longer need the conversation and want to switch to the channel, click ”Switch to channel”.


New teams channel

«Change to channel»


8. Pop out of a conversation

To open a conversation in a pop out window, there are two straightforward ways:

Option 1: At the desired channel, go to the beginning of the post. After that click on ”more options” and then ”expand conversation”.


Pop out new Teams

«Unfold entertainment»


Option 2: Go to the desired channel and click ”expand” in the header.


9 Teams functions

«Unfold entertainment»


Note: Below you have the possibility to change the size of the window or the position.


9. Make an emergency call in the new team

Emergency calls can be made in the new app.

How to make a call/emergency call:

1) In Teams, switch to ”Calls” on the left sidebar.


Emergency call



2) Enter the respective number in the dial keypad which you want to reach.



3) Click on ”Call”




Note: However, for this you must be connected to the Internet as well as have a call plan enabled.


These were another 9 new Microsoft Teams features. Learn more about Microsoft Teams and our offerings.

We are always happy to help you with questions and enhancements:


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