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5 new MS Teams features

Learn about 5 new MS Teams functions in the blog post. – These are presented individually and are the continuation of the previous updates.

5 new MS Teams features

1. Leaving a meeting on multiple devices at the same time

You joined a teams meeting on multiple devices (for example, with the computer, mobile, …)?


Learn how to end the meeting on all devices at the same time:

1) Select the down arrow next to ”Exit”.


5 MS Teams functions



2) After that, click ”Exit on all my devices”.


5 MS Teams functions

”Left on all my devices”


Note: The option ”Leave on all my devices”, will only be displayed if you are logged in to this teams meeting on multiple devices!


2. Pre-assignment of channel members to group rooms.

Recently, organizers have the possibility to pre-assign channel members who have not been explicitly invited to a channel meeting in a group room.


To make a pre-assignment, proceed as follows:

1) In the meeting details, switch to the ”Rooms” tab.


4 MS Teams functions



2) Next, click on ”Assign participants”.


5 MS Teams functions

”Assign participants”


Note: For more helpful tips and information, see Using Group Rooms in Teams Meetings.


3. View shared content in a separate window

From now on, during teams meetings, if someone shares content, you have the option to hide it in a separate window.

1) Select ”Expand” at the top of each meeting window.


4 MS Teams-Funktionen



4. Automatically record and transcribe a meeting

If an organizer has activated the option ”Record automatically” in the meeting options, the transcription of teams will be started automatically as soon as the meeting starts.


Note: To learn how to enable ”automatic recording of meetings”, see Blog: Update October 2021 in the second point.


5. Practice screen presentations with the speaker coach in teams.

Through the new Teams feature, you get personalized feedback on your skills in speech and presentation as well as after the meeting. For more information, see ”Testing your on-screen presentation with Speaker Coach”.

These were another 5 new MS Teams functions. Learn more about Microsoft Teams & our offerings.


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