Microsoft Teams Telephony: Make phone calls from anywhere using your landline business number


Microsoft Teams Telefonie


The 5 most important questions and answers about Microsoft Teams Telephony

1. How does it work?

The physical telephone system can now be dispensed with in the company. Instead, Microsoft Teams Telephony offers a new, equally good alternative. Thanks to cloud connection to the Microsoft 365 Cloud, calls can be made to other employees or external contacts such as customers and suppliers via desktop or mobile app in the best quality and even better, regardless of location, using the business number. The difference, the number is no longer tied to a physical phone device. Nonetheless, you still need an external phone provider, because it establishes the connection between the Microsoft Cloud and the public phone network.

Microsoft Teams Telephony comes with many features that you already know from the physical phone system. With Teams Telephony, you don’t have to do without ringing, a forwarding function, speed dialing options, voice mail functionalities, parallel ringing or audio & video conferencing… And there are many more features: All possible features of Teams Telephony can be found here.


2. How do you use it?

Microsoft Teams Telephony can be added to existing Microsoft/Office 365 plans. So if you have the corresponding licenses in use, the connection of Microsoft Teams telephony is possible. It is important that the implementation is individually tailored to the needs of your company. A test phase with specific users is always recommended.


3. What does the user interface look like?

You want a team and you get a team! Everyone gets as many teams as they need, as there is now no cap on how many your organization can create. Enjoy the freedom of unlimited teams and organize your work the way that works best for you and your teammates.


Microsoft Teams Telephony user

Microsoft Teams Telefonie

Visualization Microsoft Teams Telephony


4. Do I still need the old telephone system in addition to Microsoft Teams Telephony?

No, the old telephone system can be rebuilt and accordingly replaced by Microsoft Teams Telephony.


5. What are the benefits?

  • Application versatility: Whether chat, telephony, screen sharing or a common, central data and document storage. Microsoft Teams supports and simplifies collaboration within the team and even with customers many times over.
  • Virtual telephone system: The virtual telephone system, Microsoft Teams Telephony, is integrated on the Microsoft 365 Cloud and completely replaces a physical telephone system.
  • Location independence: The individual fixed network number can be used via the app and the accessibility can be controlled accordingly. Thus, calls can be made from anywhere and at any time using the app application.
  • Fusion: Microsoft Teams Telephony can be combined with Cloud Services & IT Security and thus integrates perfectly into the existing IT infrastructure.



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