M365 Secure Score

Microsoft: M365 Secure Score

Security assessment of your MS 365 environment

The cyber threat landscape is constantly changing and hacker attacks are becoming commonplace. Therefore, many companies wonder if their current level of protection of the Microsoft 365 environment corresponds to the current security situation and accordingly to your protection needs? The Microsoft Secure Score assesses the security status and guides your company in implementing concrete improvement measures. Together with redIT, you can then consistently strive for implementation.

After all, 93% of cybersecurity breaches result from failures in basic cybersecurity. Many companies are looking for a tailored, individual solution. – The M365 Secure Score provides this and assesses the immediate security situation for our customers:



M365 Secure Score

Microsoft 365 Secure Score


M365 Secure Score

History of Microsoft 365 Secure Score


Secure Score Cycle

Step 1 – Assess security status: The M365 Secure Score assesses the security status of identities, devices, data, applications and the Microsoft 365 infrastructure. It shows you how closely your organization is aligned with Microsoft security best practices.


Step 2 – Identify potential for improvement: The security assessment is structured in such a way that measures with a large positive impact on security and a small effort in implementation and operation are listed first. The evaluation is based on the integrated functions and the potential impact on the users and systems in the company.


Step 3 – Implement improvement measures: Implement the defined measures and check the progress with the M365 Secure Score. In the Microsoft Secure Score portal, you can see at any time that the average score of most companies is very low, and you will also find a list of suggestions for further improvement.


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