Reference Customer UBV Lanz: IT Security Training

Preventive action through IT security training!

Security Awareness Training is about making employees aware of where the dangers lurk in the network. Notable examples include phishing emails, spam, viruses, Trojans, social engineering and much more, the list is long. In the security chain of a company, there is always the “human factor”, which is often the weakest link and thus a gateway for attacks. Therefore, a proven method is to empower employees through education and IT security training.

Security Awareness Training & Phish Threat

Another of our products is Phish Threat. It allows to check if your employees are fit to deal with abusive mails, so called “phishing mails“. Finally, minimizing this vulnerability is an essential building block of your security strategy. In the following reference customer case, you will learn how insights and improvements occur as a result of training.

IT Security Trainings: Awareness Training & Phish Threat


The insurance and pension company founded by Fritz C. Lanz is now managed by his son, Michael Lanz, in the second generation. Around 35 employees at the headquarters in Zollikon are committed to ensuring that companies from all over Switzerland are optimally insured. UBV Lanz is one of the last owner-managed and completely independent insurance brokers.

With its many years of experience, independence and great responsibility, UBV Lanz develops insurance and pension solutions that precisely match the entrepreneurial and social demands as well as the goals of its clients. The solutions developed by UBV Lanz are also intended to make everyday business easier for companies.



IT Security Training, Phish Threat, Security Awareness, UBV Lanz

In a first step, redIT’s Network & System Engineer, Alex Faes, conducted the security awareness training on site with UBV Lanz employees. This is because personal contact, in order to pick up on the direct reactions and facial expressions of the participants and to respond to them, is particularly important to us. For this reason, the employees of UBV Lanz AG have been divided into two groups. After that, in about half a day, various points about hacker attacks and how to deal with them were discussed. As a result, a very proactive discussion emerged.

In a second step, our Phish & Threat solution was implemented. This went as follows: a potential hacker email was sent out specifically to the company’s employees by UBV Lanz’s IT department. In the mail there were various warnings for the employees, which had to be recognized, e.g.

  • strange Link
  • various spelling mistakes
  • Pressure is exerted e.g. “Pay immediately!”
  • unknown or wrong e-mail sender

Subsequently, employees who had fallen into the trap and clicked on the link were invited directly to an online training session of about 5-10 minutes.



With our security awareness training, we supported our customer, UBV Lanz, in keeping the human risk factor as low as possible. Finally, the employees were trained on current IT security trends to avoid becoming targets of cyber criminals! Consequently, our solution is aimed at all security-conscious companies that want to minimize the risk factor “employees” through training.

Phishing Awareness Trainings (Phish & Threat) have been developed by our security specialists to put SMEs through their paces in the area of IT Security. Also test your employees through targeted campaigns to identify any weaknesses or gateways.



The employees of UBV Lanz were still intensively discussing the size of the attack potential of hackers and their approach days later. The participants have also benefited in private matters, reports an employee of UBV Lanz. Our Phish & Threat runs continuously at UBV Lanz. In this way, the company wants to ensure that both their new and existing employees remain sensitized in dealing with electronic communication and can refresh their knowledge around possible hacking attacks.

«Mit simulierten Phishing Angriffen haben wir unsere Mitarbeitenden hinsichtlich eines zentralen Cyber-Risikos sensibilisiert. redIT hat uns von Anfang an bestens beraten und in allen Abläufen begleitet. Wir werden das Phish Threat Portal auch weiterhin für das Security Awareness Training benützen.»

Ulrich Fontana

Unternehmensberater und IT-Services, UBV Lanz AG

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