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As promised the follow up to last last week’s post, where 5 new features in Microsoft Teams were introduces – Below we will introduce you to another 7 new features in Microsoft Teams one by one:


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7 new features in Microsoft Teams

1. Set the scene with the Together mode

With Together mode, we have new scenes for your next meeting. Move your team from the auditorium to a world of 8-bit pixels, to a winter wonderland, or to the bottom of the ocean. To change the scene in Together mode, select the Change Scene icon (pencil) in the lower left corner of your meeting.


7 neue Funktionen in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365

Scene: Winter wonderland

7 neue Funktionen in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365

Scene: Auditorium



2. publish a company-wide task list

With the new task publishing feature in the Tasks app, you can create and track tasks for the entire organization. For full details on task publishing, administrators and managers can visit Manage the Tasks app for your organization in Microsoft Teams.


Die 7 neuen Trends im Microsoft Teams


“Tasks” is available as an app and as a tab in one channel. Note that the app includes both individual tasks from “To Do” and team tasks from Planner. The tab, on the other hand, displays only team tasks. – “Tasks” gives users a desktop, web, and mobile option. When Tasks is installed on the Teams desktop client, users also see it on their Teams web and mobile clients. The exception to this is guest users. It’s important to note that guests can only access Tasks as an app from the Teams mobile client. Guests will see the Tasks tabs on both the Teams desktop and web clients.

“My Tasks” shows a user’s individual Microsoft Teams tasks. Shared plans show tasks that the entire team is working on, and include any task list that can be added to a channel as a Tasks tab. Note the following:

Task lists that a user creates in the Tasks app also appear in task clients for that user. Likewise, task lists that a user creates appear in My Tasks for that user. The same is true for individual tasks..

Any task tab that is added to a channel also appears in Planner clients. When a user creates a plan in Planner, the plan does not appear in the Tasks or Planner app unless it is added as a tab to a channel. When a user adds a new Tasks tab, they can create a new list or plan, or select an existing plan.


Die 7 neuen Trends im Microsoft Teams


3. approvals

Use the Approvals app in Teams to streamline requests and processes with team members and partners. Create requests, view those sent to you, and access all past requests from one place. Watch a short video to learn how it all works:


4. New look when you join a meeting

On the left side you get a preview of your video and a setting to turn on background effects. Need to find a specific microphone or camera? Select the Settings gear icon under your video preview to open the device settings. Use the drop-down menus on the right side of the page,to find what you are looking for.


7 neue Funktionen in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365

New audio & video settings


5. Pinning important posts – Pinning a pin

Make it easy for yourself and your teammates to access an important post in a channel by pinning it. Do you have company directives that everyone needs to refer to? – Then pin the post. Or are you hosting a cyber disco party? – Pin the invitation so everyone can quickly access the details. Whatever the message or content, you can find it quickly and easily by hovering over the message and selecting Pin or Pin from More Options.

You can find all the elements pinned in a channel in the channel information area. You can find the channel information area in the top right corner of the channel. Select the Show Channel Info button and you will find the pinned items below the list of members who have recently contributed to the channel.


6. Set status: «Do not disturb until after lunch»

You can now set a duration for your status in Teams. All you have to do is select your profile picture at the top of the app, set your status (Available, Do Not Disturb, etc.) and then quantify the duration accordingly. From there, choose your status and how long you want it to be displayed.


7 neue Funktionen in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365

Status-Dauer festlegen


7. Hide background noise

 to your profile picture at the top of Teams, go to Settings > Devices > Noise Reduction. From the menu, select High for even more background noise suppression. Whether your roommate is barking at the mailman or gymnastics outside your door, Teams covers you with a blanket of quiet.


These were another 7 new trends in Microsoft Teams. Learn more about Microsoft Teams & our offers


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