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5 new teams features – Did you know that…?

Learn about 5 new Teams features in the blog post. – These are presented individually and are the continuation from the March, April, May, June, July & October 2021 updates.


5 new teams functions

1. Reply to a message in the chat

The long-awaited feature to reply directly to a specific message in the chat is now available.

Use the mouse to select the message to which you want to reply and click ”More options”(Microsoft Teams-Symbol für „Weitere Optionen“) > ”Answer”.


5 Teams functions

”More options” > ”Answer”


The preview of the message you want to reply to will now automatically appear in the field. Therefore, you can insert your answer below it, noting your message. Once the reply is complete, it can be sent.


5 Teams functions

News preview


Note: If you want to cancel a reply before sending it, click the ”X”.


5 Teams functions

Cancel reply before sending


2. Start recording and activate live transcription automatically.

As soon as a recording of a meeting starts, the live transcription is also activated in the background.

Instructions: Within the meeting, select ”more actions”(Schaltfläche „Weitere Aktionen“ – duplizieren) in the upper margin on the right side and then ”start recording”. The transcript will start automatically.

For more information on the topic of meeting recording and transcription, see: Recording a meeting in teams


3. New keyboard shortcuts for teams

New, you can use the keyboard to navigate teams chats.

For example, click the UP and DOWN keys to navigate up or down in your chat list. Press CTRL+SHIFT+R keys to focus on the message box, send a message, and more.

For a comprehensive listing of the new keyboard shortcuts, see: New keyboard shortcuts


4. The completely new whiteboard in chats, channels and meetings

With the complete overhaul of the Microsoft Whiteboard in Teams, various useful options have emerged. Currently there are over 40 new templates, from sticky notes to reactions and much more.

Additionally, you can insert images as well as shapes, change the background color and the grid design of the board and furthermore work with a large amount of content in a simplified way with the new tools. See for yourself!

5 Teams functions

The completely new whiteboard



5. Starting a new chat in a new window

Recently there is an option in the settings of Teams to start a chat in the main window or in a new window.

Instructions: First, select the three dots (Microsoft Teams-Symbol für „Weitere Optionen“) at the top right of the app and then click on ”Settings”.


5 Teams functions



Finally, in the ”General” subfolder, scroll down to the heading ”Open new chat in” and then select ”New window”. In the future, a new window will be opened automatically when you start a new chat.


5 Teams functions

”Open new chat in”



These were another 5 new features in Microsoft Teams. Learn more about Microsoft Teams & our offerings


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