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4 new teams functions – Did you know that…?

Learn about 4 new Teams features in the blog post. – These will be introduced individually and are the continuation of the March, April, May, June & July 2021 updates.


4 new teams functions


1. Monitor call quality during a meeting

Want to either check or track call quality during a team meeting or phone call? – With the new feature, this is easily possible as follows:
To open, select ”More actions” (Symbol „Weitere Aktionen“ -> ”Call health”.

Call quality information is displayed to the right of your meeting video and is updated every 15 seconds.

For a complete listing of tracked items, see: Monitoring call and meeting quality in teams.


4 teams functions

More actions > Call health


Note: This function can be used to identify and handle problems that may occur during a meeting or phone call.


2. Automatic recording of meetings

With the new Teams feature, never forget to record a meeting again – manual is yesterday!

Here’s how to set up automatic recording:


In ”Meeting Options”, toggle the ”Automatically Record” button to ”Yes” before the meeting starts. When the meeting starts, Teams automatically starts recording it. After the meeting, the video appears in the meeting chat and in Microsoft Stream.


4 teams functions

Meeting options


4 teams functions

Record automatically


Note: This setting is enabled by your IT administrator and may not be available to everyone.


3. Automatically adjust microphone sensitivity

Now you can leave the effort of adjusting microphone sensitivity to teams as follows:

Select ”Settings” > ”Devices”, and then enable the ”Automatically adjust microphone sensitivity” toggle button.


4 teams functions

Settings > Devices


4 teams functions

Automatically adjust microphone sensitivity


4. Select your notification format

For Teams users, there is now an option to choose between the default purple Team notification or the notification type of your device.

Here’s how to change the notification format:

Select ”Settings” > ”Notifications” and in the next step the Appearance and Sound heading appears. The first subgroup listed is the Notification Style item. Click the arrow on the right and select the desired style.

4 teams functions

Settings > Devices


4 teams functions

Define notification style

These were another 4 new features in Microsoft Teams. Learn more about Microsoft Teams & our offerings.


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