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5 new features in MS Teams – more than just a trend:

COVID-19 has achieved in one year what would otherwise have taken several years: A large proportion of employees work from home and use communication tools such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. The question is therefore no longer «Should we introduce home office?» but «How can we support our employees in the home office as well as possible?». Many companies have already introduced the new communication and collaboration tools, but only a few are using them effectively.

Below we give you the answer to the “Did you know that…about Microsoft Teams?”


Logo - Microsoft Teams - neue Funktionen


5 new features in MS Teams

1. History-course: back-arrow

The back-arrow at the top of Microsoft Teams lets you quickly return to previous areas you’ve been in Teams. Hovering over the arrow at the top left (highlighted in red in the graphic) displays a history of conversations, channels, apps, activities, tabs, and files. Select an item from the list to instantly return to that job or file or conversation in Teams. Learn more quickly and Use History to see where you’ve been and get back there faster. – Open the “History” menu by clicking the “Back” arrow or the “Forward” arrow to the left of the search bar with the mouse pointer.

In the menu, use the arrows to move forward and backward, and choose from a list of up to twelve uniquely enumerated areas that you’ve recently used or visited. These can include Activities, Channels, Conversations, Tabs, Files, Apps, and pretty much any other area you might use in Teams.



2. Are you also at a loss for words from time to time?

– No problem there are new features in Microsoft Teams to respond!

Now show what you feel or think in Meeting with Reactions. Choose between likening, loving, applauding and laughing. Raise your hand if you have questions or comments and don’t want to just speak up. See the graphic to see how and which reactions you can use in your next meeting, allowing you to express yourself in team meetings with live reactions.




New keyboard shortcuts in meetings

Use these keyboard shortcuts to raise your hand in a meeting and find out who else has raised their hand.
(Command+Shift+K on macOS) raises and lowers your hand. Ctrl+Shift+L (Command+Shift+L on macOS) makes your screen reader display a list of everyone else who is raising their hand.


3. Unlimited number of teams – all the teams you want

You want a team and you get a team! Everyone gets as many teams as they need, as there is now no cap on how many your organization can create. Enjoy the freedom of unlimited teams and organize your work the way that works best for you and your teammates.


4. More languages in live events

In a constant effort to make team collaboration even more exclusive and efficient, more language options have been added as subtitles and thus translations in live events. Hindi, French, Korean, and much more! – You get subtitles for the spoken language, or translated subtitles in the native language of your choice.

For the full list of supported languages, see live subtitles:


Microsoft Teams Sprachauswahl Live-Event

Advanced language selection for subtitles in live events


5. Breakout rooms: hold discussions/conversations in small groups.

In an age where instructors and organizations are holding meetings and classes online, people are looking for ways to foster meaningful and, more importantly, stimulating discussions. Large groups need the ability to break up into smaller groups for better sharing.

That’s exactly what you can do with breakout rooms in Teams meetings. Organizers can set up group rooms from the Windows or Mac desktop app to use group rooms in Teams meetings. Meeting participants can be assigned to group rooms automatically, i.e. randomly, or manually, as they choose.


Microsoft Teams, Breakout-Räume




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